Super Protein Founder Jerry Hietaniemi

Why I started Super Proteins? The Founder's Story.

Super Proteins Jerry Hietaniemi

Nice to meet you!

I am Jerry Hietaniemi from Finland, and I founded Super Proteins to use my own passion for plant-based food for something good.

Almost ten years ago, many things fell into place. I studied physical education and nutrition sciences, and along with my studies, I worked with type 2 diabetics. I made it my mission to go through all the research I could about the best possible diet to prevent and reverse type 2 diabetes.

The outcome was clear: the best possible diet for people with type 2 diabetes was a whole food plant-based diet.

And the finding didn't just apply to diabetics. It became clear that a vegan diet was by far the healthiest option for anyone.

The plant-based diet and sports.. can it work?

Next, I doubted that a plant-based diet was not suitable for athletes. I couldn't have been more wrong. Thorough research showed that a properly composed vegan diet is just as good an option as eating meat.

The most amazing thing was that the whole food plant-based diet seemed to be a better alternative for athletes in many ways. Faster endothelial function, recovery, and intake of high-quality carbohydrates guarantee excellent performance, especially in endurance sports.

Adequate protein intake can be ensured by combining various plant-based protein sources.

And the best news? The plant-based diet is a healthier diet than eating meat. A diet rich in animal protein is linked to the most common diseases, such as coronary artery disease, heart attacks, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure. Whereas a vegan diet prevents and treats all of the above.

"It became clear that a vegan diet was by far the healthiest option for anyone."

The decision was clear to me and my wife. We switched to a plant-based diet. The decision was supported by the growing understanding that a plant-based diet is also the best choice for the environment, and we also understood that we do not want anything to do with the abuse of animals.


As an active couple, we wanted to ensure that we get enough protein and all essential amino acids, so we decided to add a plant-based protein supplement to our diet. However, we quickly realized that we were dissatisfied with the taste of available plant-protein powders. Either taste or texture could have been more pleasant.

That's when I decided that something had to be done about it.


I discussed producing my own recipe and protein powder with my father, who worked in the food industry. After years of searching and testing, finally, in 2022, we found an ingredient from which it was possible to make a delicious and high-quality protein supplement.

It was fava bean. Fava beans are plant-based protein powerhouses, rich in essential amino acids, fiber, and antioxidants. This superfood includes a lot of protein and all essential amino acids. Plus, fava beans are sustainably grown, making them a planet-friendly choice.

It took one year to finish the perfect recipe. Finally, Super Protein was born. 

Super Protein celebrates the excellent nutritional values and essence of real, natural flavors. Carefully curated chocolate and vanilla flavors delight the taste buds, achieved by using authentic fruit powders and genuine ingredients. No artificial additives, just pure indulgence in every scoop.


Super Proteins aims to transform the perception of plant-based nutrition, catering not only to vegans and eco-conscious individuals but also welcoming long-time animal protein consumers into a realm of exceptional taste and unparalleled health benefits.

Introducing Super Protein to the market is just the beginning. We have a singular mission: shaping the future of food choices. In the future, we will work hard with alternative protein solutions, creating a wave of change in how we approach nutrition.

We're here to offer not just products but a lifestyle that champions sustainability, health, and a deliciously different way of eating.

- Jerry Hietaniemi, Founder

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